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My name is Jed Lipsky, and I am running as an Independent for Stowe’s House Representative seat. I want to bring a balanced voice and common sense approach to the State House as one who is socially liberal but fiscally responsible. As a resident of Stowe for over 20 years, I have a deep love for this town and its people. I have chosen to run because I am invested in our community. I want to use my historical knowledge of Stowe to help shepherd our town into a vibrant and sustainable future.


I hope that my reputation for honesty and integrity will help me in this election. It is going to be a challenging race given that I’ve never marketed myself, and I am well aware that my image isn’t that of the quintessential politician. I hope you talk with your neighbors and friends, because surely you’ll find someone who knows me and can share their perspective of me with you.

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