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You probably know me as a “logger,” having logged since 1972, but you may not know my long history with Stowe. My family first came to Stowe when I was 4-years-old, and we came to enjoy our vacations here annually after that. As a young adult, I lived in other towns in Vermont, but my dream had always been to make Stowe my home. In 2000, I built a house here. I then owned and operated the Stowe Inn from 2003-2009. Now, I’m living in Stowe as a self-employed Certified Master Logger.


From the beginning of my adulthood, I have believed in the importance of serving the community. From 21 to 24-years-old, I was the planning board chairman of Winhall, Vermont. I also served as the zoning administrative officer pre- and post- the enactment of Act 250. Since living in Stowe, I have served on a variety of volunteer boards: the Friends of Jackson Arena Board (founding member), the Stowe Area Association Board, the Stowe School Board, and the Stowe Land Trust Board.


I am at a point in my life when I can dedicate the significant amount of time necessary to do the job of State Representative well. I believe that my lifelong observations on what has and hasn’t worked in Vermont and in our community, as well as my ability to tap the knowledge of people throughout this community from various walks of life, are an asset. I believe I have the ability to effectively communicate and work collaboratively on behalf of Stowe with other state representatives from across the political spectrum.

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